Friday, April 2, 2010

GST (part 1)

Ni me masukkan dl url yg tuan puan boleh refer in future. (sebenar me mls nk explain apa dlm web ni)

Sila baca di bwh yg me copy & paste dlm blog me!

“Whether you are an accounting firm, small business, charitable organisation or school, GST will likely affect some or all of the transactions in your organisation.

Will you let it sneak up on you or will you prepare now to take control of it for your business and your clients businesses?

GST can potentially disrupt cashflows of a business, slow operations and ultimately affect the going concern of a business.


22 February 2006. The Finance Ministry said the government has decided to defer the implementation of the goods and services tax (GST) from Jan 1, 2007 to a new date to be announced.

The private sector had highlighted the need for lead-time, especially for potential changes in business processes, development of software and training of personnel, it added.

GSTMalaysia would like to highlight to the public that the move to defer GST by the Government is to give the Public more time to prepare”

Siap baca? Me sebenar dh attend 2 kelas strategic management. Me punya lecturer asyik je sebut psl gst. Burung pn beterbangan atas kepala me sambil nyanyi2 “apa bendala gst tu?” masuk 2nd week me still buat tak reti lg psl gst ni. Takdelah nk search dlm internet ke eventho niat tu ada. Jd masuk kelas kali ni lecturer sebut benda yg sama. Jd dalam nada berbisik me ask k.yus “apa gst tu k.yus?” me tanya dia sbb me dgr dia tanya k.normah last week nya. Cuma me tak dgr apa k.normah jwb. “tax”. Itu je k.yus jwb. Me pn angguk jela tanda faham and buat2 faham.

Tuan puan tau ke? Hehhe…. Eventho tuan puan dh tau, me nk juga cerita. Sbb ni utk yg tak tau ok. siapa yg dh tau kene jugak baca lg sekali. Mana tau tuan puan faham lain tp yg sebenarnya maksud lain. Ataupun me faham lain tp sebenar2nya maksud nya adalah sgt lain(simpang malaikat 44) hehehe……

Gst stands for goods service tax. Me pn rajinla search internet lps je ijan(adk me) kata lps ni nk beli brg sume kena tax. “WHAT?” mata me toink!toink!toink!

To be continued………………….


  1. hehehe... kite lama dah tau GST tu apa sebab kan keje ngan McD... so mmg biasa dah dgn GST ni.. sbnrnya dalam belian harian kite, kite tak sedar yg kite dok byr tax.. makan bayar tax, dok hotel bayar tax... pastu nnt keje, gaji kena bayar tax... byk tol TAX yg gomen dapat kan?? ;-)

  2. aah... bkn govt service tax sebnanye za. sebna goods service tax. mmg dh ader service sharge for all the foods bought kt fast foos or hotel. tp kalini all the goods will be charges. car, any kind of goods. bygknla.....